2019 Houston Perspectives Recap


Perspectives, a PDR hosted annual event, took 12 diverse thought leaders on a creativity mind shift journey last Wednesday and Thursday.

We kicked off Perspectives at Chef Chris Shepherd’s restaurant One Fifth, a marvelous creative wonder. The restaurant is a one of a kind experience, located in an old historic building, only open for 5 years with a unique restaurant concept each year.

One Fifth

One Fifth

The conversations were rich, and the appearances made by Chris Shepherd were the cherry on top. Chris touched on the importance of followship and allowing each worker the ability to be individualistic and empowered.

Wednesday night set the stage for creativity to bubble in the brain, and on Thursday we dove into a full day of collaboration, hands on learning, and discussion.

Lauri Goodman Lampson, President + CEO of PDR, opened the day with focusing on the theme of Perspectives - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Creativity. There is a lot of noise around Artificial Intelligence (AI) trumping Human Creativity or vice versa. In reality they can leverage one another, and Lauri revealed a formula for businesses to maximize human potential in the workplace.

To follow, expert Stephen Straus, Co-founder & Managing Director at KUNGFU.AI, spoke on augmenting AI. He believes AI is driving the need to reinvent our organizations, innovation and agility.

Later the group toured an Innovation Hub that has been newly reimagined to tap into the latent talent in Houston’s diverse energy industry. After touring the Innovation Hub, Donald M. Rattner, Creativity Architect, Educator, and Author, spoke on wealth of scientific data showing how the physical environment can be manipulated to boost creative thinking and problem-solving. 

Throughout the day, PDR Principal, Kelly Baughman and Amy Pipe lead a series of Lego Serious Play exercises. Lego Serious Play is an Experiential tool that creates adaptive business solutions in real-time, by involving everyone in the discussion, decision, and outcome.

Perspectives is all about bringing in experts from various industries to exchange knowledge and inspire new ideas, to better ourselves and our organizations, and this year was a success.

“The day provided much thought for me and my organization.”

“Thank you very much for including me in your very impressive 2019 Houston Perspectives event. I really appreciate it and enjoyed the entire program you put together.”

If you are executive level leader in your industry interested in attending a PDR Perspectives event, click the button below to apply for 2020 Perspectives in Austin.