A Message from Our CEO

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2019 should be the year of impatience, and I’m impatient by nature so this is going to work out well for me!

Last year our theme was What’s Next - preparing for a future that looks very different than the past. How’d you do?  Did you move your organization forward?  Are you well positioned for future success? Have you shed the baggage and empowered your people to do the work they know they are capable of doing?
It’s time to let go and get on with it! 
That’s what we are up to at PDR – letting go, shedding the baggage, opening our minds, taking our blinders off, and evolving ourselves and our organization so we will continue to thrive.
Change is hard but as much as we resist - we humans are pretty good at it. We know how to evolve and reinvent - out of necessity and through innovation. And both are critical. Right now. 
Entire industries are changing - that’s not new. It’s that entire industries will no longer be needed. And new ones are being created. That’s an industrial revolution. And this so called fourth one we are in, is no different than past ones. Machines will do jobs that humans currently do - freeing us to do more with our brains, new products will make old products obsolete, and while we don’t really know HOW we will do our work in the future, we do know it will be dramatically different than the way we do it now. Did you catch IBM’s Ginni Rometty CES Keynote? 
The difference this time is pace. The pace of change is faster than we’ve known in our lifetime and is only speeding up. It’s time to buckle up and hit the accelerator!  So, let go of whatever is holding you back and get on with it!  That should be your survival mantra. It’s what it will take to thrive.  The quicker we shift into constantly evolving to meet what’s next, the more successful we will be at uniquely defining the future for our organizations. Because merely surviving is not the goal. Thriving is the goal. Thriving requires fulfilling your promise, to your customers, your clients, your constituents and your employees.

We learned so much in 2018 by helping our clients connect their organizational goals to new ways of working and developing new strategies and solutions to achieve their business performance goals.

These are a few of my favorite client aha moments. 

The leader of a major development company realizing the incredible impact their organization has on people and communities – beyond the buildings they build. They are building lives. How will they accelerate their transformation to have even greater impact?
The CEO of an engineering firm acknowledging the effort required to evolve their 100-year old heritage into a nextgen culture - a “we before me” culture - and realizing that the current shareholders and board aren’t really up for the hard work it will take to level up to their potential. How will they move forward?

The workplace leader of a global energy company realizing that new workplace strategies are dead-on-arrival, despite demand for them from business units. Without C-suite support in an organization that has buried workplace strategy so deeply in its hierarchy, how will they ever see light?   

The hard work isn’t changing the workplace. It’s changing the mindset needed to create a culture that will enable new ways of working.  In 2019, I encourage you to let it go. Shed the baggage, tap into the wonder that is your talented staff and empower your people to soar! 

How can we help you - Get on with It? 

My sincere wishes for you to thrive in 2019.