Becoming a Trusted Advisor


Fundamentally, assistance is a key mantra running through any consultant’s mind. Consultants want to deeply understand a client's world to know their exact needs. Not just the high-level view of Business Unit breakdowns and general governing models, but what uniquely makes their organization tick on a day to day basis through cultural norms, perceived risk, and resistance to change. It is my utmost belief that the deep dive will only occur by becoming a trusted advisor. You may be the most sought-after subject matter expert in your field, but if a client has placed an invisible barrier between consultant's advice and the process actions implemented, the project will ultimately stagnate.


Qualities of a Good Consultant

A good consultant aims to embody the strategies proposed to clients in an effort to avoid change barriers. Change is often imperative. Hire consultants who work with change on a day to day basis, and knows the importance of not being desensitized to all of the change others experience.

Empathize - Place Yourself in Other People’s Shoes

Empathy allows you to cultivate an inherent ability to anticipate client needs and to lead to effective execution aligned with a project’s guiding principles and organization value systems. A sincere effort, coupled with active listening lead us to create tailored and direct engagements for decisive resolution while adapting to clients continuously evolving business needs. Striving to prove our ability to critically analyze barriers to business group goals and provide solutions that result in minimal process disruption with maximum value yielded, as if it were you experiencing that transition.


This level of connectedness rewards a consultant with being known as a trusted advisor that is not just invited, but eagerly awaited to provide clients with the ability to shift to a more holistic view, rather than limiting focus to singular issues. This is the crucial pivot in your relationship when they know that all you really want, is to help.


Cynthia Morales


As a Change Management Analyst, Cynthia focuses on the people side of change to establish a positive knowledge base that reinforces the ability to implement change for businesses. She is passionate in working to integrate Change Management with Project Management in a collaborative manner that brings awareness to coaching and communications.