Graphic Design in the Architecture Industry - An Intern's Perspective


As the school year begins, we say goodbye to some great interns that we had the privilege of working with this summer.  One in particular, was a sophomore from the University of Texas, who joined our Visual Communications team.  Below is her summary of her internship experience.  

"When I told people that I did graphic design for an architecture company, many were confused and didn't immediately make the connection. However, PDR focuses on the workplace as a whole, including the graphics needed in order to help new workplaces succeed. To an employee, it is not just about what the office space looks like. It is about how you interact with and use it — things that affect your daily routine and ability to get meaningful work done efficiently. What do the signs in the elevator lobby need to look like to guide me effectively wherever I need to go? What should replace an empty wall that not only promotes the company’s brand but also engages guests? Or, what color should my new company logo be? These are challenges that an architecture firm is rarely associated with, but are solved daily by PDR’s Visual Communications team.

What I Learned

Throughout my two months as an intern, I learned much more than video production and website development. I learned the impact of my work and the magnitude of people it will impact. Yes, the nearly four thousand signage tags I placed mean nothing yet, but soon those signs will be produced and installed in the locations I specified, influencing the everyday lives of several thousand employees. On a smaller scale, people who are interested in PDR see the various articles and tweaks I published on the website. These help visitors formulate individual impressions about both PDR’s experience and culture. The work does not just stop at the computer screen; it goes beyond the walls of this office and impacts the lives of an immeasurable amount of people.

Favorite Part

I loved getting real-world experience from this internship. I got to see first-hand how clients are presented with information and how we receive feedback. I can now apply the multitude of skills I have learned to my future, and I am equipped with knowledge I would not have otherwise had.

Olivia Brady

Olivia interned with PDR's Visual Communications team throughout the summer of 2017. Olivia is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas, and expects to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising in May, 2020.