PDR Thinks Outside the Office


Designing high performance workplaces is the heart and soul of PDR. Recently, though, we have been hired to design more and more non-corporate interior projects that challenge us to apply our expertise in interesting and exciting ways. Projects for clients in the hospitality, healthcare, residential and educational industries have become more frequent. And how has it been going? Very well, actually.

What makes a bar owner seek out a corporate interior design firm to help bring their vision to life? The reason is simple: PDR considers each step of the user experience to make the physical place support successful business operations. Whether it is designing an energy company’s corporate campus to foster better employee engagement and collaboration, or curating the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar to attract and retain patrons for longer periods of time. No matter the client, the PDR approach is the same. Prioritizing the user experience and subsequently designing the space to support the user is something that can be brought to all markets.   

Before diving into the why, PDR discovers the core of the business challenge. What makes a space more efficient, more enjoyable, more comfortable or more successful? What is the business purpose of the space and how can we make that business run better with our consideration of every aspect of the space? We work with clients to help them see space as a strategic tool for the success of their business. The same exercise used with corporate clients to identify the space design requirements to support employees can be applied to our hospitality, healthcare, residential and educational clients.

As a partner in our client’s success, we take the next step beyond big picture design thinking and bring a strategic and tactical approach to the execution phase of a project. Clients quickly realize, and appreciate, that we work with their best interest in mind and do the best we can to support their business goals. From managing agendas, schedules and budgets to ensure a restaurant opens on time, to selecting materials based on the durability needs of a healthcare facility, PDR brings our expertise to every decision of the project.

Plus, these new types of projects have been fun for all involved! While our corporate projects have incorporated certain aspects of residential, hospitality and healthcare space design in the past, the opportunity to design an entire bar and restaurant, for instance, has offered designers an exciting opportunity to wear new and different thinking caps.


Cari Koch



As a versatile Designer with nine years of experience, Cari has collaborated with clients through the decision-making process and guided project teams to craft purposeful spaces in various markets, including, hospitality, corporate/commercial, retail, and education projects. Cari is the lead designer for Social Union Bar, a Carmack Concepts project coming to Houston in 2018.