Quantum Village


Last year a task force of Texas luminaries explored the undeniable power of big data and how data science is changing the fundamentals of energy, healthcare and education. The genesis for a Texas data science institute emerged and PDR is honored to have contributed to this ambitious vision by proposing the creation of a Quantum Village. The innovative research and learning environment envisioned for the Institute must be supported by a new type of campus. One that enables spontaneous collaboration as residents live, work, learn and play.

The Quantum Village will encourage “creative collisions” among researchers, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, educators and students that will lead to new ideas and scientific breakthroughs. The design and infrastructure as well as cultural norms and behaviors of residents will create a setting that prioritizes data discovery, increasing the speed of knowledge transfer among industries to arrive at innovative solutions. As envisioned, the Quantum Village will be a magnet for partners, collaborators and top talent.

"Big Data is the oil wealth of the 21st Century. No company or society can move forward without it."  - Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman, Alphabet, Inc. (parent company of Google) 

So what is Data Science?

As defined in the report Visualizing the Data-Driven Future, “Data Science is the art of computers, technology and mathematics collaboratively combined with subject expertise to turn data into action.” As the nature of work continues to race towards unimaginable levels of global reach and market efficiencies we need villages. Places that nurture these expansive futures while firmly grounded in a familiar and inclusive community. 

Quantum Village Riddles

Difficult to solve, riddles are the highest ideals of the Village and they will drive project objectives, inspire design and influence behavior. Riddles present challenges that must be carefully considered in the planning, design and execution of the Quantum Village. To successfully solve the riddles is to arrive at the desired future state of the Village.

The Quantum Village riddles will ensure the campus supports the dynamic live–work–play atmosphere that will define its success as an intellectual and social magnet. Even after completion, these riddles will continue to define its success. Data Scientists must allow their Village to continuously evolve to address the changing landscape of research, corporate trends, education and community life. Riddles never expire.

Here are a few of the riddles we helped the task force develop:

Create Communications Pathways                                                                                                                                                      Design for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence                                                                                                                                            A Place of Inspiration and Contemplation                                                                                                                                            Value Ideas and Promote Open Knowledge Sharing                                                                                                                        Foster Curiosity, Learning, Healthy Living                                                                                                                                                    It is all about People Working and Living Here                                                                                                                                    Lead the World in Collaborative Research                                                                                                                                        Facilitate the Rapid Spread of Knowledge

Diversity is the art behind both data science and the Quantum Village. A Village is the crossroad of diverse perspectives that cooperate with one another for the good of the entire community. Data Science is an emerging understanding of the power and responsibilities of big data. Empirical data appears to be so massive and comprehensive that the machine’s ability to predict the consequences of our actions is approaching levels beyond human intuition. A Quantum Village will promote humanity above technology.


Drew Patton



Drew is a Principal and Chief Business Strategist at PDR. With over 30 years with the organization, he has played a critical role in developing PDR into a leading workplace consulting design firm. Drew also advises senior executives on the value of workplace design and is responsible for strategic relationships with organizations such as the U.S. Department of State, Andersen, Accenture, AIM, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Coventry Development.