Saving the Earth One Forest at a Time

By Malini Fuangvuthi SPP LEED AP

Happy Earth Day!

Here at PDR, we are creative problem solvers and we love what we do. Unfortunately, our work often requires an incredible amount of paper. Whether it’s sketches, storyboards, book designs, or construction documents, we are constantly surrounded by paper. Even though we strive to embrace the digital era, there is something about our craft that demands the practicality of good ol’ fashioned paper.    

In an effort to lessen our paper guilt, we decided to celebrate Earth Day 2016 by volunteering at the Houston Arboretum. Thirty PDR employees spent a Friday morning helping rehabilitate an area of the forest that had been negatively affected by recent drought and invasive plants. 


As we picked up tools and headed into the woods, there were lots of big eyes, nervous laughs and apprehensive murmurs regarding our sawing skills. 

…they want us to do what!?

But in true PDR fashion, we rallied together to get the job done.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? We encourage you to get outside and impact the Earth in a meaningful way.


Malini Fuangvuthi SPP LEED AP

Malini Fuangvuthi is a Strategic Planner with PDR since 2006. She advises organizations on how to most effectively approach their workplace portfolio in order to maximize its value by strategically leveraging opportunities and minimizing limitations.