Continuity, Not Chaos


Successful companies are always in the process of transition. Status quo is not an option. For some the transition involves a major transformation, new processes, workplaces and profound change. For others it may mean simply taking a hard look at how and where they are working in order to improve performance and competitive advantage. 

At PDR we have developed a suite of services designed to help our clients make business transitions easier. Comprehensive services take companies from first decisions about how they are utilizing their entire portfolio of workspace through the demands of a complex move to working with individual employees as they adjust to the changes that transition inevitably brings. While each of our services can be delivered separately, clients find that there is exponential value in the integration of offerings. Our Business Transition services provide an invaluable continuity throughout the life of the project. We provide our clients with a services bridge from one phase to the next and a dedicated team to guide them the full length of the path from today to tomorrow.

How do we work? The Business Transition process involves three distinct, but integrated, services: Portfolio Planning, Change Management and Migration Planning.

Portfolio Planning

First things first. The Workplace Portfolio Planning team looks strategically at the entire portfolio of workplace real estate to help the client answer the questions: “How are we currently using space?” and “How can we use this space better?” 

Change Management

During the early stages of a project the Business Transition team focuses on the company’s vision and meeting business goals. With the transition plan moving forward, it is time to engage the workers. Change Management is a human-focused initiative that helps ensure that employees understand and are excited about upcoming changes in their workplace. 

Migration Planning

As moving day draws near, Migration Planning takes over all of the critical data that has been gathered in earlier phases and organizes it into a cohesive move plan. All of the processes, data and people become part of an organized plan that actually works.