Design Thinking and Thinking about Design


The concept of design thinking has recently entered the lexicon of many businesses outside of design. It’s being taught in business schools and regularly discussed in business journals. We understand why — it’s a powerful tool. The problem definition and problem solving process at the core of design thinking is how PDR has long approached our work. At the outset of any project we take time to understand our client’s business, their goals and aspirations. 

That solid understanding of client’s motivations and goals provides the framework for innovation. Our design solutions are always tailored to the unique requirements and ambitions of our clients; they are bespoke in the truest sense of the word. 

Before we can begin to explore possible solutions, we need to understand the problem, the wants and needs of the client. We have developed a robust and intelligent toolkit to guide us as we work with the client: questions to ask, research and benchmarking to inform, visual communication tools to help the client comprehend the issues and ideas. We do this because we believe that our job is to help our clients succeed and the workplaces we ultimately design are tools to support the work and the workers. 


Our workplaces are smart and hardworking. They are also beautifully designed because we believe that thoughtfully crafted spaces created improve the quality of worklife. Clients never have to choose between function and beauty; in the best-designed spaces they are in balance. There is no compromise in the quality or the character or the craft. And they are designed entirely and specifically for that one client. It speaks to both the art and integrity of our process. 

Elevating the work experience by creating high-quality spaces and details, we contribute to the larger goals of our clients and our society — those that honor the individual desire for beauty and harmony in our lives.

It’s how we think about design at PDR.