TAID Lot 75


PDR is a proud sponsor of Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID), a non-profit advocacy group, speaking as a single unified voice on legislative issues which affect the business of interior design in Texas.

TAID hosts an annual Lot 75 TAID Art Sale where you will find local artists selling jewelry, artwork, and accessories. The event benefits the great work that TAID does for our community and includes a wine pull, raffles, and silent auction of local principal designers' artwork! Admission is $10, all are welcome! See link for details.

Join the annual TAID Lot75 Art Sale

September 28 @ 5:30 to 7:30

Skyline Art Services
6955 Portwest Drive, Ste 160
Houston, TX 77024

Here's a sneak peek to two art pieces going to the silent auction that were created and provided by our Director of Design, Jackie Wheat.  

art by jackie wheat.jpg