StatOil Hires PDR To Design New Houston Offices

PDR has completed the design of new office space for StatOil, the world’s largest offshore drilling and gas company, where it now occupies 144,000 square feet on six floors in west Houston’s CityWest Place.

Statoil’s energetic offices employ shared workspaces and very few private, personal offices. Bright colors, access to natural light, and panoramic views are key to its open and active environment.  A Norwegian company, StatOil requested the color palette for its Houston office follow the established, bold corporate color selections used in Statoil’s European offices.

The company’s new offices are principally made up of several, 30’ x 15’ work modules. Personnel work in these shared modules of collaborative spaces or in small private ones if work requires secured privacy. Each of these areas is large enough for four individual workstations and a shared meeting/work table to encourage planned and spontaneous group work. Team meeting areas and collaborative work places, which occupy the remaining space, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing capabilities.

A single, large refreshment area acts as the hub of each floor where professionals can meet and enjoy fresh fruit or healthy snacks provided on a stool-lined island. These hubs are connected floor to floor by a customized staircase, making communications between the floors direct, easy and inviting.

Refined wood, glass and aluminum panels subdivide the work areas and meeting spaces. These panels dress the space and because of their mobility, can be reconfigured to accommodate changes in business demands.  They also comply with StatOil’s environmental policies aimed at reducing waste and the use of recycled materials wherever possible and practical. Other green initiatives include energy-efficient lighting, well below the one-watt-per-square-foot requirements, and carpeting made from 90% recycled content.