Austin Design Week Interviews the Regional Director at PDR, Shawna Hills

Shawna Hills interviews with Amber Atkins from Austin Design Week about the unique PDR design processes. Amber, like many others, thought of corporate designs as “a defined space with doors, walls, windows, desks, too many displays, and probably fairly empty on any given Tuesday afternoon." However, we want people to understand placemaking quite differently.

The future of work is changing rapidly, therefore the mission at PDR is to help clients make the best decisions today, for the future of their organization. We start every project asking “Why?”, why are you doing this project? If we can understand the why, and what are the biggest obstacles and aspirations for the company, then we can really leverage a client’s placemaking investment. Strategy and planning support an organization’s business goals to best align them for the future.

“PDR stays ahead of the curve, we keep our eye on the future. This is our ethos and why we are so excited about ADW – we are not only designing for what is now, we are highly invested in preparing minds and hearts for what is to come.” - Shawna Hills.

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