PDR-Designed 'Ideal Office Space' Appears in Wall Street Journal

An office envisioned for a middle manager at an energy or consulting company has a living-room feel. Personal photos and art can be displayed on paneled walls flanking a flat-screen TV monitor. The office has zones for concentration, contemplation and collaboration, the firm says. Both team meetings and solo work happen around a multipurpose "kitchen table" that adjusts to working either standing up or sitting down. In a corner reserved for "contemplation," a lounge chair is protected by an acoustical dome that allows privacy while listening to music. To open up "the box," an entire wall of foldable glass panels stands open most of the time, making the office "an open extension of the workplace," says Joanne Taylor, president of PDR.

 'Kitchen table' used for meetings and solo work, adjusting to standing or sitting height.

Living-room zone with TV monitor, personal photos and storage is set apart by wood flooring.

CEO Workstation

Quiet area with lounge chairs for contemplation.

Display screen for meetings, shared-laptop display and whiteboard.

Suspended light box provides soft, adjustable light.