PDR Designed Accenture Workplace Featured on WJLA-TV Good Morning Washington

High-tech Arlington office making work fun

It’s not often you hear someone say "I love my job." But at one office in Arlington, their employees say they actually look forward to coming to work.

Accenture is a consulting company with a brand new office in Arlington. There, employees are walking and working to a new beat.

"It’s just a very different mindset, that’s how they grew up, they grew up texting, they grew up with their cell phones, they grew up always in constant communication, so to take them out of that and put them into an individual setting feels foreign to them," said Managing Director Stu Solomon.

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The office features more natural light, no assigned seating and plenty of space to work within groups – perfect for the changing face of their work force.

"This is our community area, this is our café area, this is our work place, as you can see folks working," said Workplace Lead Terry O’Connor.

There’s also room for women to nurse and for anyone to take a time out.

Employees say they’re a lot happier in this new space, furnished with tablets, used for scheduling meetings, and even a walking station, where employees can send emails or take conference calls while working off calories and stress.

Accenture has 100 offices with teleconference units around the world and up to 18 cities can be on the same video call at one time.

"What you’re seeing here - in terms of high definition video - is one element in terms of the types of tools that we are important for our people," said employee Vid Byanna.

While it may take some of the more seasoned employees to get used to this high-tech way of working, everyone says this new work space works better.

"Every time I come here I feel like I’m very motivated to work because it seems like a very high energy environment," said employee Howard O.

Original Article by Jummy Olabanji