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Local company builds office tailored to its younger workforce

HOUSTON -- A downtown Houston business has what some consider an office of the future.

"It is individual work space, it is meeting space, it is cafe space," said facilities director Josey Duke. "So it is multi-purpose. This idea is to get more than one use out of every space."

At Accenture, a global consulting company, the goal of the high-tech office is to cater to its younger employees.

"The office of the future will embody concepts that are around supporting a younger workforce," said Lauri Goodman Lampson, a workplace designer with Planning Design Research Corp. "The way they need to work. They way they work best."

Accenture's office of the future is packed with all kinds of interactive technology. One idea is called Media Scape, and it allows a person sitting in Houston to collaborate on a project or even share a spreadsheet with someone sitting in another part of the country. What makes it so impressive is that the meetings are all face-to-face.

It's the kind of technology that's expected to save the company $35 million a year in travel expenses.

Not even top executive Bill Mearse has his own office. Like everyone else at the company, he works in whatever space he can.

"The reality is we're a client-service business, and we want our people to be with our clients and not in the office," said Mearse, who serves as Accenture's Houston managing director

by Brad Woodard / 11 News



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