PDR Consolidates ExxonMobil Data Centers, Establishes New Global Data Center Design Standards

Planning Design Research Corporation (PDR) has completed a consolidation of two ExxonMobil data centers and an expansion of a third while establishing new global design standards for ExxonMobil’s entire portfolio of global data centers.

Details of the project include the creation of two new data centers each comprised of two data halls. One facility consolidated existing services and provided growth in computing capability. The other allowed for anticipated growth to support ExxonMobil’s global computing needs.

These data centers, considered Tier 3+ facilities, were designed with careful attention to uptime resilience.  The data halls deploy new hot/cold aisle concepts and are designed for 5 kw per cabinet with capacity to expand to 10 kw per cabinet. At one facility, a new equipment yard, central plant and generator building were added to support the new data halls.

PDR worked closely with a team of ExxonMobil GREF and IT personnel and consultants to develop and execute these facilities. PDR assisted in the creation of full-size data mock-ups to ensure the successful coordination of lighting, power bus and distribution, cable management and cabinet aisle configuration. It also led a thorough general contractor evaluation and selection process.

According to PDR Project Manager Stuart Harris, the design and construction phases of the project were facilitated via eProjects, a web-based collaboration tool developed exclusively by PDR. eProjects expedited team communication, access to information and provided a depository for project information including a project archive at completion.