ExxonMobil Houston Campus


Campus Program Architect

PDR is the Campus Program Architect and Workplace Architect on the design/development team of ExxonMobil’s new Houston office campus.

The complex will be located on a 385-acre wooded site on company-owned land near the intersection of I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road. The Houston campus will contain multiple low-rise office buildings, a laboratory, conference and training centers and facilities such as child care, a wellness center and other employee amenities.

As the Campus Program Architect, PDR works collaboratively with ExxonMobil to define the qualitative and quantitative requirements of this comprehensive campus. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the design of a campus with such a significant scope of built environments and comprehensive range of strategic business objectives,” said Drew Patton, Principal, PDR. 

“PDR and ExxonMobil have invested over three years of research and development into the creation of a new sustainable campus and into the formation of future work environments,” Patton adds.  As the Workplace Architect, on a world-class team of architects, engineers and construction advisors, PDR is designing these high-performance work environments from the inside out.

About PDR
PDR is a pioneering workplace design firm. With over three decades of expertise in corporate interiors, PDR is an authority on creating efficient, flexible spaces for collaboration, concentration and productivity. PDR offers services in Interior Architecture, Strategic Workplace Consulting, and Project Programming to help you evolve your workplace into a valuable asset. Working with Fortune 100 companies around the globe, PDR has created high performance work environments for organizations that recognize that the workplace is a key strategic asset in promoting the effective integration of talent, process, and technology. For more information, contact Drew Patton 713.739.9050 or visit pdrcorp.com.