Jackie Wheat in the IIDA Student Roundtable 2018 Report


Jackie Wheat, Principal at PDR, briefly spoke on the significance of empathy in disrupting design at the AIA Panelist Power Hour. In addition to developing empathy skills as designers, Jackie also stated that designers should think like business people.

“Talk to clients about their challenges and what they envision for their future, and deliver solutions. Based on our experience, benchmarking, and in-depth research that we’ve completed for other clients, we can unveil biases that they might have as well as things that they haven’t thought about.”


Jackie continues to share thoughtful feedback on how to be a better designer, and her advice is echoed in the International Interior Design Association’s IIDA Student Roundtable 2018 Report on page 12. The IIDA, like Jackie, finds it highly important to share ideas for influencing the future of design.