PDR Featured in Houstonia Magazine


If we think back even just ten years, workplaces often looked like closed offices, or maybe you picture a space filled with as many people as you can possibly fit in a space with endless cubicles, and chunky monitors. Today, we are not only experiencing rapid shifts in technological advances, but there is significant value placed on the employee experience. However, that is not the only thing changing.   

Houstonia Magazine featured an article, titled “Hub Love: What’s Changed About Office Design in 2017?” in which Lauri Goodman Lampson President and CEO of PDR stated, “absolutely everything we know about workers and workplaces is changing.”

Lampson uses the term workplace UX -  techie jargon for usmarketinger experience. She believes that employees should be empowered by the workplace so that they can do their best work. The workplace must adapt to the changing technological tools. Without an inspiring workplace; workers will merely find a better place to do their work. In some cases, that means a different company altogether. 

Lampson also adds that it is important to note that each organization’s needs are different, not every office needs a bean bag and ping pong tables. The culture and values of the organization should be easily identifiable for employees and visitors.

Click here for the full article in Houstonia Magazine.