PDR CEO, Honored with 'Most Admired CEO' Award


The Houston Business Journal (HBJ) awarded, PDR CEO, Lauri Goodman Lampson as one of Houston’s most admired CEO’s. 

A panel of judges selected 35 for-profit CEOs and 13 nonprofit CEOs to receive the award. The honorees will be recognized in a luncheon on August 23rd and in a special edition of the August issue of the HBJ. The judges for this year's awards were Peggy Kostial, senior managing director US Southwest at Accenture; Jeffery D. Wallace, president and CEO at Greater Houston Black Chamber; and Patricia Mercer, president and CEO at Houston SPCA. The criteria for selection was, in part, based on community and industry impact, as well as how the nominees have demonstrated leadership, strategic vision and innovation.



Nonprofit involvement and bettering our community is an important part of Lauri Goodman Lampson’s personal life that has been infused into the business model at PDR through a philanthropic program.  The program strongly encourages employees to collaborate with community partners and help serve the Houston community, and includes a “Work + Provide” day where PDR employees spend their time volunteering.

Industry Impact

Lauri is constantly challenging preconceived notions of what design is, and what is expected from workplace interiors. Under her leadership, Lauri endeavored to transform the business of workplace and has turned PDR into more than a traditional design and interior architecture firm.  She delivers workplace strategies and design that results in workplaces that perform at their peak and are future proofed. Additionally, Lauri is the ultimate optimist about the opportunity of automation to free humans to focus on work that matters. It is this mindset, that has made PDR into a hub for innovators and creatives who develop live-work-play-learn environments that elevate the Work Experience.

Strategic Vision and Innovation

Lauri’s projects are enjoyed by over 100,000 people in over 35 countries. She has led projects throughout North America as well as Europe, Africa and South America. She changes the way organizations think about work and place.  She works with executives to “future-cast”, challenging them to redefine the purpose of bringing people together at work. She advises the world’s most influential industry leaders including, ExxonMobil, Hines, HP, Chevron, and Sonos, developing strategies to break through the Innovation Barrier and position their organizations for the future. Many of her clients have a direct presence in Houston and around the world. Lauri’s business, workplace, engagement, and design strategies have been transforming business for 30 years in the Houston community and all over the globe.

Lauri’s forward thinking has helped her to impact the community, and challenge the architecture, design and business consulting industry overall. Continuously striving to look toward the future, Lauri’s innovative strategies have been transforming business for 30 years in the Houston community and all over the globe.