Houston's Secret City by David Kaplan

In a story from Properties Magazine titled Houston’s Secret City, author David Kaplan explores the history, complexity and beauty of Houston’s most under-the-radar amenity – the tunnels.

Local historian Sandra Lord, who is nicknamed, "The Tunnel Lady", details in the article the evolution of the tunnels over the decades. "While bright, intricate and full of life during the lunch hour nowadays, they were once much less impressive," says Lord. 

At PDR, we know a lot about the downtown tunnels. We not only designed the Food Court at Allen Center, we frequent the tunnels during the lunch hours.  

“We wanted The Court at Allen Center to be a magnet space that people would enjoy at all times of the day, whether for meetings, lunch, or an afternoon coffee. The space is all about the people”, says the project’s Lead Designer, Heather Van Ravenswaay. “We intentionally designed the space to be simple, clean, and bright allowing the energy of the people to be the focal point of the space."

To learn more about downtown Houston’s amazing tunnel system, read the full article from Martha Turner Sotheby’s Properties Magazine.

Heather Van Ravenswaay

Associate Principal, Heather Van Ravenswaay, has been an Interior Designer with PDR since 2004. She is passionate about helping organizations understand how to use the workplace as a strategic tool, allowing the businesses largest asset, their people, to be more productive and, therefore, making the business more successful.