The Houston Chronicle Releases a Complete First Look of the New HP Inc. Campus

HP Inc.  (40).jpg

On Monday April, 1st, the Houston Chronicle released a first look of the new HP Inc. Campus designed by PDR. The 378,000 SF campus houses around 2,300 employees and was designed with collaboration, nature and wellness in mind.

The Houston Chronicle highlighted several unique features of the HP campus like the carbon monoxide monitors to freshen air, a herb and vegetable garden used in the cafeteria, and the lighting systems that positively impact employees’ alertness.

“Plants, natural light and natural materials have a positive influence on people’s mood,” Laura DelaFuente, HP’s head of workplace strategy and experience, said in The Garagea company report. “We care that employees spend their day in a healthy environment.”

Click here to read more in the Houston Chronicle written by Nancy Sarnoff.