Case-Study: Accenture Houston, PDR Set New Bar for High-Performance Workplace

Accenture’s Houston office was challenged to implement a new corporate workplace strategy and develop an office environment based on four critical elements: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Engagement, and Environment. PDR was enlisted to implement these concepts, designing a pilot project workspace for the Houston-based consultants. The four elements allow Accenture to more efficiently leverage real estate investments; connect and improve the productivity of employees; enhance the company’s cultural identity and brand and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. This strategy, combined with PDR’s activity-based workplace design solution, resulted in a highly collaborative and flexible work environment that connects people, supports new ideas and provides a sense of community for employees. All the spaces are right-sized, multi-functional, and designed to accommodate a variety of activities and groups. By integrating efficient planning strategies, collaborative technology tools, and an intelligent use of forms and furnishings, PDR created a welcoming environment that reflects Accenture’s brand and vision.

The space successfully reflects Accenture’s culture, integrating company branding in a subtle, yet unmistakable way.

Mobile workers are drawn together in the vibrant, flexible environment which offers multi-functional spaces and collaborative meeting areas. PDR effectively reduced Accenture’s real estate holdings by two-thirds, consolidating resources and creating a magnetic space where employees gather to be with each other. Engaging spaces throughout the office provide a feeling of connection and trust among employees, resulting in an overarching sense of community. By rethinking the ways in which mobile employees work, PDR created an office that focuses on encouraging employee interaction in a variety of ways. A comfortable, welcoming environment supports daily workplace operations as well as formal and informal meetings and collaborative encounters. Collaboration among employees enhances cross-team and cross-organizational communication. The space encourages employees to build connections with each other in a variety of traditional and nontraditional spaces.

The space successfully reflects Accenture’s culture, integrating company branding in a subtle, yet unmistakable way. The office exudes energy and creative thinking, a direct reflection of Accenture’s culture and identity. Colors, materials and furnishings were all strategically selected to create an environment that welcomes employees and visitors, facilitates mobile work, and offers countless opportunities for collaboration. As employees and visitors walk through the space, they gain a profound sense of the company’s legacy. The workplace is an engaging and inspiring destination, designed to accommodate Accenture’s rotating population needs. Employees are able to collaborate and work effectively because they are supported by a welcoming, high-tech, flexible environment. Here, individual work no longer means working alone.

The Houston office supports approximately 850 mobile workers. Therefore, technology is key. Technology is integrated throughout the work environment, enabling face-to-face, virtual collaboration over long distances and promoting mobility within the office. Employees can interact with each other and clients through varied technological means. The integration of MediaScape, ENO boards, a telepresenence room, and Room Wizards allow employees to work efficiently throughout the office. With the help of these high-tech tools, Accenture ultimately reduced their carbon footprint. Every part of the space was designed with technological accessibility in mind. The space effectively supports daily office functions and allows users to work independently or collaboratively, based on their needs


  • 1301 Fannin, Level 19
  • 22,400 USF
  • Capacity:
  • 139 Seats
  • 206 Meeting / Collaborative Seats
  • 850 People
  • 125 Daily population
  • 150 Peak population
  • 30 Permanent residents