Quantlab Wins The AWI Award


Design Solutions Magazine, the official journal of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), published their fall issue featuring a 6-page spread on Quantlab titled, “Symbols and Sci-Fi. Design of Trading Firm Represents Technology and the Future.” PDR was entrusted to the interior design, while the architectural woodwork was fabricated by Brochsteins.

Quantlab is a trading firm that trades their own money, and the design of Quantlab is focused on employees’ work, hobbies and interests. Therefore, combinations of financial symbols and sci-fi references are intermingled throughout the office space.


PDR graphic designer, Eric Castorena was the mastermind behind the Experiential Graphic Design of the closed and open circles. But there is much more to it than a beautiful design. “The open circles equal the Braille raised dots and the outlined circles equals the pauses in speech. The pattern is created from three quotes from Leonard Nimoy’s beloved Star Trek character: ‘Logic is the beginning of wisdom, and not the end’; ‘Live long and prosper’; and ‘Computers make excellent efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.’ The quotes were chosen to relate to Quantlab’s trading operations and as a sign of good fortune for the company.”

Claudia Brown from Brochsteins goes into the logistics and challenges of the wall paneling. “The attachment method of the pegs was a challenge as was the structure behind the paneling. We have to support the weights of the panels without the use of standard grounds and clips which would be seen through the holes which did not have pegs.” The dot pattern that held the pegs serves reference to early computer punch cards as well as representing the data being rapidly transported through their financial networks.

PDR and Brochsteins worked collaboratively together and that’s part of what made this project a huge success. The design team at PDR explored endless options to hone in on every design element on the wall. “By working so closely together, PDR’s design and Brochstein’s engineering mended sculptural qualities while being structurally sound,” says Lead designer Amy Collins.

Congrats to each team member who worked on the project, Quantlab deserved the Architectural Woodwork Institute Award!

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