What do You Mean I Have to Deliver an Experience?


Establishing a company’s brand through a logo and marketing materials is no longer enough. Your space reflects your brand, and today a company’s brand is largely determined by employees’ and clients’ whole experience. Meaning, the office is not the only part of a valuable experience, but the whole experience includes the building and campus.

We know that “experience” is driving not only where we go and what we do, but our decision-making and investments. Lauri Goodman Lampson stated that new experiences to real estate is not limited to office space, but it can be anywhere.

"One of the things that’s probably (going) to go away is a lot of the retail spaces that you’ve seen for years and years and years … that’s less of an enticement," Goodman Lampson said. "But, an enticement is being able to be connected to your devices 24/7, so you’ll be seeing lounges."

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