Spring Branch Leaders "Unlearn" at PDR

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Every year Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) hosts a leadership retreat called Leadership U. This year, SBISD started the retreat by sending their leaders out to six different innovative sites in Houston to “unlearn” and observe innovative workplaces so that they can better prepare every child for their future.

"With PDR's innovative reputation and accomplishments, it immediately came to mind as one of the six sites to send our leaders for a visit to learn and be inspired," said Skyler Rossacci, Strategic Initiatives Liaison of SBISD. 

PDR opened their doors to over 40 leaders who started the morning learning about the 10 business challenges that PDR has uncovered through their research and information about the transition of employees from the collegiate environment to the workplace. This relevant information motivated SBISD leaders to reflect and improve what they are doing to prepare every child for the workplace.

After learning more about these challenges, PDR took groups of leaders on a tour of their innovative workspace and explained the critical design elements that make up PDR and the culture of PDR. From the flat culture where learning happens through collaboration, to the attention of space that inspires productivity, SBISD leaders couldn’t wait to bring what they had heard, seen and learned from PDR back to their workspace!

Skyler Rossacci

Skyler has been the Strategic Initiatives Special Projects Liaison at SBISD for the last 2 years. During her time there, Skyler has led efforts to develop and design district innovation strategies to activate best practices across the district and scale promising ideas. Skyler also led a series of design challenges with educators across the district to evolve organizational practices using the design thinking methodology.