2017 Promotions at PDR

It is with excitement and pride that we recognize the achievements of our leaders here at PDR. These talented individuals have proven themselves invaluable through their reliable, innovative and excellent work.

With a variety of talents ranging from design to strategic implementation, our team’s diverse skills and ability to integrate them are what allow PDR to deliver industry-best results. Thanks to the consistent efforts put forth by our team members, client expectations are not only consistently met, but exceeded.

Join us in congratulating our newest Senior Associate, Aaron Beltran and our newest Associates, Holly Henry, Haley Ottmann, Amy Pipe, Perelle Solomon, and Karen Wetmore.

Aaron Beltran, Design + Architecture

Since 2006, Aaron has served as an AutoCAD/Revit Manager and has overseen base-building and business information modeling projects. Aaron regularly combines his interest in project and construction management with his passion for integrating new technology into projects, resulting in faster, more efficient communication. His dedication and tireless work ethic have proven him to be an asset to PDR and his coworkers and clients.

Holly Henry, Business Transition

As a Communications and Change Management Specialist, Holly helps clients effectively implement change in the workplace through vision alignment, training, and strategic messaging. In her role, she develops customized communications and activities to help clients discover new ways of leveraging their tools and resources. Her acquired communication, organization, and relationship management skills make her a valuable asset to PDR.

Haley Ottmann, Design + Architecture

Haley’s exposure to great design has developed her view of its importance and value to society in the workplace. She has the ability to generate a positive platform for many different working types and conditions. Haley consciously aims to find solutions to develop working environments that provide efficient performance for the needs of a client, ultimately enhancing their productivity, focus and collaboration.

Amy Pipe, Business Transition

As a Communications and Change Management specialist, Amy focuses on minimizing disruptions to operations during a workplace transition. She aims to seamlessly shift organizations and employees into their new work environments. Amy leverages her background in psychology to engage leadership and employees in the change process.  Ultimately managing resistance and maximizing the end-users benefits provided in the new workplace.

Perelle Solomon, Accounting

Perelle serves as PDR’s Project Accountant by addressing tight deadlines and a multitude of accounting activities, including: general ledger preparation, monthly financial reporting, weekly employee utilization reporting, and the support of budget and forecast activities. Her collaboration with Project Managers and Principals, thorough maintenance of accurate project management and planning information, all keep every project she is involved with running smoothly.

Karen Wetmore, Design + Architecture

Since 2001, Karen's design experience has encompassed various project types, ranging from cost-conscious clients with aggressive timelines to high-end specialty interiors. With experience in a diversity of projects, Karen leverages her design expertise to create high impact spaces regardless of budget. Her work has received several accolades, including her project for Vitol which was published in Architectural Record and received the AIA Houston Design Excellence Award. 

We are also proud to have our colleagues' accomplishments featured on the Houston Business Journal's People on the Move.