40th Anniversary Timeline

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Our Place Making design philosophy creates spaces that allow today's Live / Work / Play / Learn lifestyles to thrive. 


Industry demands leverage our expertise.
PDR completes a significant multi-year project: a world-class 10,000-person campus.  The business world explodes with awareness of the underappreciated power of a creative workplace. PDR builds upon deep roots in high performance workplace development and design to become a leader in business performance architecture.


PDR moves into our current space in 2 Houston Center. 

We are experts of the workplace, and masters of the plan.
PDR is now a fully developed hybrid architecture firm focused on both workplace business consulting and design. We begin research and development of the conceptual master plan for a 10,000-person campus based on a fifty-year view of inspirational workplace design.



PDR rethinks the corporate campus.
We are selected to manage the workplace consolidation of the ConocoPhillips merger leading the development of a new campus master plan. Working embedded within the business units of a global corporation, we learn what employees really need for a healthy and productive workplace.


We see how integrated services, lead to integrated workplaces.
PDR begins to leverage our Global Office model of integrating Real Estate Architecture, Technology, Furniture and Operations for energy companies in twenty countries. We learn the value of local cultures with global programs to create pace-setting workplace environments.


Benchmarking for the future...
Working for the first time with building design architect Pickard Chilton, our designs for AIM Tower set a 21st century benchmark for highrise office design. This first collaboration would lead to others with ConocoPhillips, Eaton, Hines, and most recently, Dominion Energy.


Maximizing workplace performance...
Andersen consulting (now Accenture) selects PDR to be their strategic partner for designing and managing their new work process model based on emerging technologies. PDR learns the value and art of business consulting by delivering 10,000 seats of high performance team space for ten of the world's largest companies.




PDR strategizes with energy leader.
Exxon USA selects PDR to be their strategic partner for designing and managing their six million square foot portfolio of offices.


Balancing Cultures...
PDR is selected to transform Rice University into the 1990 World Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations. Working for the United States Department of State and the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the free world, we learn the value of balancing cultures.

The Shift...
Over the next decade, PDR shifts its client base from developers of turn-key offices to working directly for the tenants providing bespoke interior architecture tuned to the unique business needs of each client.


In our first year of business, PDR was at the forefront of "The Boom."
PDR is founded during the last great building boom of Houston (1977-1983). During our first five years 36 of Houston's 100 tallest buildings are built, including the top five. Gerald Hines leads the world in office tower development and PDR pioneers the business of tenant architecture.