"Form Follows Function" - Opportunity Houston

Rendering of TechSpace - PDR designed Coworking space

Rendering of TechSpace - PDR designed Coworking space

In the winter 2017 edition of Opportunity Houston, an article by Deborah Quinn Hensel, titled "Form Follows Function" features PDR's Associate Principal and Designer, Heather Van Ravenswaay.  The article discusses the shift from assigned to unassigned seating in Houston's work spaces.  "The shift in assigning someone to a seat is really changing.  When you come to work these days, you're not asked to do just one or two tasks, you're asked to do 20 or 30 different things.  We're shifting to a world of knowledge workers," said Van Ravenswaay.  

Heather shared statistics from PDR research involving college students, titled "Collegiate to Corporate: Workplace Insights from Learning Environments".  The research found that students coming into the workforce are looking for environments that mirror attributes from their learning environments, and therefore offer flexibility and choice in their future.  "They reported a desire to work in more than one space in the office and to be able to choose where they work on the basis of what they need to do.  They also want to interact with teams and leaders, but still have access to quiet spaces for independent focus work.  Enabling those choices translates to providing the requested focus areas, as well as team huddle rooms and multipurpose spaces," said Van Ravenswaay.

In addition to the shift toward flexible work environments and unassigned seating the other trend noted in the article was the increase of coworking spaces.  According to deskmag.com more than 1 million people will work in coworking spaces in 2017.  

PDR has seen an increase in requests to design coworking spaces as well as activity based work environments.  "Coworking spaces in Houston still represent only a few hundred thousand square feet, but the concept is quickly catching on and spreading to urban areas like Cypress and The Woodlands," states Opportunity Houston.  

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