Why Workplace Matters to Anjali Bhalodia


Anjali Bhalodia, a workplace design strategist at PDR, was invited to speak at the Annual American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) TX Student Conference held in Austin at the Livestrong Foundation on October 27th. The event brings students and educators together to learn from an established group of professionals and industry members.

She approaches design from three distinct and complementary angles - practice, research and education. She is a workplace design strategist and an Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Texas State University. She is also part of a funded research team focused on the future of academic work spaces.

Anjali’s workshop focused on the role of design strategy and research methods within the design industry. She utilized the 5 W’s and H framework (who, what, who, why, when, where and how) to help participating students grasp the significance of strategy and research.

“Technological advancements and globalization have impacted the way we design and the way we work. Workplaces need to be highly flexible to support nimble organizational growth and change. As strategists and designers, we must understand the work, the worker and the workplace in greater depth to effectively problem solve.” - Anjali

Currently at PDR, she is developing a workplace enterprise strategy for an energy company. As part of the strategy, the team is crafting a vision statement, behaviors, and place attributes for the future of work at the energy company. Her experience, ongoing research, and 2 years of teaching at Texas State University made her a perfect subject matter expert to thoroughly articulate design research and strategies to students and industry members.