Work + Provide at the Houston Food Bank


As the holidays approach and we prepare for Thanksgiving, we begin to reflect on 2017. For PDR it was a busy year, to say the least, but one that was filled with growth and great pride. Being that our headquarters are in Houston, many of our employees experienced Hurricane Harvey first hand and witnessed both the paralysis and unity the storm brought to our city. Only 2 months later, we proudly cheered for our city and watched the Houston Astros win the World Series. Houston has celebrated, mourned, and shown resiliency and perseverance through the most trying of times. 

Every year, PDR sponsors a company-wide volunteer event. This year we felt an acute responsibility to help those impacted by Harvey by volunteering at the largest foodbank in the nation, the Houston Food Bank. Because of the foodbank’s size and efficiency, now less people are suffering from hunger after hurricane Harvey. Every year the Houston Food Bank provides 83 million meals feeding 800,000 people.


"After Harvey hit Houston, so many people felt compelled to help their neighbors and friends. So many in fact that organizations were forced to turn away volunteers. Left with the helplessness of survivor’s guilt, people had to find other ways to help, and the Houston Food Bank seemed like the natural choice. Because the year-round problem of hunger was made worse by the hurricane, food pantries were going to need more help than ever. "  - Giancarlo Salonga, PDR Lead Designer and 2017’s work + provide philanthropic coordinator.

On Friday November 10th, PDR closed for a day of service at the Houston Food Bank. Our employees worked together and sorted through over 11,000 pounds of donated goods, and provided over 10,000 meals. At PDR, we are always thankful for the opportunity to serve and help those in need. It’s an opportunity to give back to our community as a group and spend time with each other and other volunteers.

This Thanksgiving, PDR is grateful to our clients, our friends, and our employees for making us who we are today.  From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!