Director of Design - Keynote Speaker at ASAI


On Friday, October 20th, our Director of Design - Jackie Wheat was the Keynote Speaker at the American Society of Architectural Illustrators Conference at Hotel Zaza in Houston, TX.  Presenting on the topic, "3D Illustrations: Better Decisions Faster", her keynote address dove into a case study of the design and development of the ExxonMobil Campus, and the ways in which architectural illustration yields smarter, faster decision-making. 

Research indicates we make over 35,000 decisions a day! Some are simple and others are more complex. Some are routine and we don't even give them a second thought. But difficult and costly decisions demand more careful consideration. How much time did it take you to select the new car you wanted? Or to buy a home or pick an apartment? How much time do you spend reading the nutritional labels in the grocery store? How much time are you spending deciding what to watch on TV?

Now think about a client who is responsible for the design of a project.  They are making thousands of decisions on behalf of their organization and leadership.  "These decisions are usually in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollar range.  Your work as illustrators is about storytelling; a communication tool for us as designers. It brings their project to life before it physically exists.  It is a portal into the future and allows them to become engaged. Most importantly, though, illustrations foster speed to decision making and progressing the design," said Jackie Wheat as she addressed the audience full of professional graphic artists, illustrators and students. 

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