PDR and Hines Look Together Toward the Future

PDR is proud to have partnered with Hines as their Workplace Strategy and Design Experts in the 2025 Working Group

Our collective mission was to disrupt the global workplace market by re-imagining the office as a platform for performance. A platform that would reflect the changing nature of work, workers and workplace, would impact the productivity and business challenges facing stakeholders and would be nimble in the face of rapid change.

The workplace has been the victim of incremental change for decades. With the speed of business accelerating so quickly there is great pressure on the workplace to keep up with transformational change.  “PDR’s design core means we are problem solvers, and through our business client relationships we have become strategic problem solvers,” says President, Lauri Goodman Lampson. “We approached the Hines 2025 initiative as a strategic business problem that strategic design thinking can solve".

PDR’s design thinking sessions expanded the frame of reference beyond what is currently visible; imagining future priorities, restrictions and incentives for key stakeholders and defining future measures of project success.