PDR Promotes Great Leaders

We are proud to announce the promotions of these great leaders at PDR. These individuals have shown strength in leading, problem solving and the ability to exceed in the delivery of client expectations. 

From Workplace Consultancy to Designers, Architects, Visual Communications and Business Development, our honorees ensure that our integrated services continue to redefine the workplace and the client experience. All while recognizing that great places to work are, first and foremost, focused on the people who work there. 

Join us in congratulating our newest Senior Associates Justin Dezendorf, Marcella Fewox, Julie Fuex, Kimberly Mercer, Jenny Segsworth, and Chester Velasquez, as well as our newest Associates Laura Beth Mertz, Garner Pagel, Sarah Powers, and Steven Shultz. 

Senior Associates

Justin Dezendorf

Justin is a Project Architect with ten years of experience.  Since joining PDR, he has collaborated on projects for ConocoPhillips, BG Group, Occidental, Hines and CBRE. Justin has a focused knowledge of developing and executing efficient, high tech workspace. His expertise extends beyond just the workplace to cover food service, training and meeting centers, and wellness centers.  Justin’s talent for creatively solving complex design challenges positions him as a valuable component to his project teams.

Marcella Fewox

As the Business Development Lead for PDR, Marcella’s previous experience as a workplace consultant gives her a unique perspective on how to publicize the work that we do.  In her 6 years as a consultant, she helped clients like ExxonMobil and Invesco improve the bottom line by anticipating productivity dips during changes in the workplace. Marcella’s experience of working directly with our clients has been instrumental in managing and promoting our brand.

Julie Fuex

As a Change Management Consultant, Julie’s experience allows her to understand human behavior and performance. In her role as a Project Lead, she leads corporations to develop change management strategies that effectively inform, engage and prepare their employees in transitioning to a new workplace environment while reducing disruption to business productivity.  For every project, she aims to first identify and understand the perspective of the affected knowledge workers, allowing her to develop customized change management strategies and tools that will reduce concerns and trigger positive reactions.

Kimberly Mercer

Kimberly is an architect with experience in campus master plans, new construction, adaptive reuse and historic preservation. Since joining PDR Kimberly has continued to grow her ability to meet the demands of projects in various industries – from initiation to completion. She is able to use her highly organized approach to programming, to complete large macro programming and master planning exercises.  As a Project Manager and Project Architect, Kimberly has a deep understanding of the elements necessary to produce a thorough set of construction documents for every project.

Jenny Segsworth

As a Registered Interior Designer with 10 years of professional design experience Jenny is a knowledgeable Design Lead in a range of corporate workplace interior projects including law firms. Her affinity for design at all project stages makes her a great leader in project management, planning and conceptual design, design development, material/furniture selection, and construction documentation and administration. Jenny understands the importance of clear communication and giving the client ownership and pride in the design of their workplace.

Chester Velasquez

As a Project Designer with 12 years of experience, Chester’s experience ranges from conceptual brainstorming to design development, to construction documentation and contract administration. Chester’s sharp eye for design, base-building, and interior design has given him an unwavering focus that has made him an asset to all of his projects. He understands the importance of collaborating with clients and striving to ensure that their vision is realized.


Laura Beth Mertz

Laura Beth’s approach to design stays true to her core values of carefully crafting a space that is centered on the needs of the occupant by designing from the inside out. She values working closely with the individual, integrating with the community, and designing and building environmentally responsible projects. She has served as the Project Architect or Project Manager for clients from different industries including healthcare, corporate office, and residential projects. Laura Beth’s attention to detail and meticulous approach to projects and scheduling help to ensure that client needs are continuously exceeded. 

Garner Pagel

As a Portfolio Planning and Decision Support Consultant, Garner collaborates with clients and internal PDR teams by developing and utilizing decision support tools to solve complex problems. From initial brainstorming to implementation, he brings thoughtful insight, guidance, and perspective. Garner presents Real Estate Portfolio utilization data to inform strategic planning and facilitate evidence-based decision making, by organizing and analyzing data, conducting research and summarizing results in a clear and concise way.  His extensive experience, creativity, and thoughtfulness has established him as a vital member of PDR.

Sarah Powers

In her new role in Business Development, Sarah leads all aspects of client relationship building including managing request for proposals, qualifications, and the Client Relationship Management database.  She leverages her previous experience as a Change Management Consultant and her 10 years of experience in sales, where she managed a large portfolio of clients developing enterprise-wide solutions, to bring a fresh outlook and a wealth of knowledge to PDR’s business developments efforts.

Steven Shultz

Steven is graphic design professional with over 8 years of experience. He has executed projects in the areas of book design, web design, signage/wayfinding, experiential design, advertising, and marketing.  Steven works primarily within the built environment developing design solutions that are equal parts strategy, experimentation, and amalgamation while helping clients to leverage their workplace as an innovative and communicative experience. His work has been published and exhibited on multiple occasions and is strongly influenced by the study of contemporary theories and practices in type design/development.

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