A "Brand" New Year

What we do has not changed. Who we are has not changed. How we brand ourselves has changed. There is reason behind our rebrand – a message and voice that speaks to our integrated services, our experience, our success-centric philosophy, and our firm culture.

The new logo is an expression of our overall capabilities — from design and research to planning and consulting. It visually captures that our integrated expertise focuses solely on workers and workplaces. And the yellow…it represents the radiant energy that sparks creativity in everything that we do.

Points and Pluses
This design is more than a texture — the points and pluses represent quantifiable data. Each mark is an important piece of information that PDR collects, tracks, measures, analyzes, visualizes, applies — honors. The texture represents people, objects, and information affected by our work, and it is displayed in a clean and simple grid, with a PDR twist: it aligns with our golden rectangle logo and the wall pattern seen on the main floor of our office.

Strategy to Occupancy
The framing device we use to communicate is a metaphor for the project journey. Our projects begin with strategy — with abstract, broad parameters that set the stage for further discovery and development. As collaborators, we ask the right questions, challenge the status quo, and find the best, most successful path forward. Decisions are made and the outcome becomes clearer. We transform projects from a collection of spreadsheets, schedules, drawings, and material swatches into a living, tangible, comprehensive, built experience.