PDR Sustainability Leaders Among Nation's First WELL Accredited Professionals

PDR is proud to announce that Stuart Harris and Kirstin Weikert are among the nation’s first WELL Accredited Professionals (APs). 

Recent national attention on workplace wellbeing is putting the focus on the attributes of healthy work environments. The newly introduced WELL Building Standard (WELL) certification program is setting the bar for healthy workplaces and provides third-party verification. As provisional WELL APs, Harris and Weikert have demonstrated their knowledge of how to create workplaces that perform to enhance the human health and wellbeing. 

The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is a performance-based program that focuses exclusively on the built environment’s impact on the health and welfare of employees. WELL was developed with a combination of professionals who shape and contribute to its mission. The team includes not only architects and designers, but also health professionals all connecting on the topics of mental, physical, and emotional health. The WELL system recently completed its pilot program and is now open to project certification. Both Harris and Weikert were able to participate and earn their provisional accreditation at the first WELL training program hosted earlier this year at The Cleveland Clinic.

PDR COLLABORATED WITH  DEVON ENERGY TO promote employee wellbeing with the design of A 13,000 SF LEED-CI Silver WELLNESS center.

PDR COLLABORATED WITH  DEVON ENERGY TO promote employee wellbeing with the design of A 13,000 SF LEED-CI Silver WELLNESS center.

The WELL program focuses on seven human-driven concepts – air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind – and compliments LEED, the world’s most recognized green building rating system. Weikert, a Senior Associate at PDR, says, “Similar to LEED, the WELL Building Standard provides a prescriptive set of guidelines intended to improve the built environment. But unlike current programs, the sole purpose of this standard is to improve the individual within the built environment by addressing behavior, operations, and design.”

Improving employee wellness aligns with the corporate culture of many forward-thinking companies and can drive productivity, attraction and retention rates upward. PDR has embraced the WELL program because it aligns with our values and Work+Well design approach. Based on their work with a wide range of organizations, PDR has found that happy employees are critical to business success.

Harris, a Principal with PDR, adds, “Many companies are actually finding ways to help their employees maximize their work ability and improve their quality of life at work. Happier, healthier employees are more engaged and more productive. With this fresh focus on wellbeing, companies are re-evaluating the workplace. We are working with these companies to create environments that not only support work, but also support the workers and their wellbeing.”