New Leaders Contribute Diversity in Expertise

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our exceptional team of new leaders. Every day, these talented problem solvers work together to deliver strategies and designs that impact our clients’ culture, business, and ultimately their success.

Our diverse practices are rooted in our team’s diverse expertise. PDR professionals deliver innovative, high performance workplaces, working from the inside out for companies across the globe. Because we are a hybrid design firm — one part business consulting, two parts workplace architecture — our integrated model allows our people to address workplace challenges in their entirety from early strategy development to design and architecture to occupancy.

Join us in congratulating our newest Senior Associate Stephen Fall as well as our newest Associates: Jason Ahuja, Winda Carroll, Todd Cubbage, Michelle Goldberg, Caryn Guajardo, Jason Holmes, Nick Jackson, Meera Kachhla, Selina Khorana, Kimberly Mercer, Alexis Ray, Gina Valenzuela, and Meagan Wyatt.

Stephen Fall, Senior Associate
Visual Communications

More than a decade ago, Stephen founded PDR’s Visual Communication team. His understanding of the profession, deep experience, and problem solving skills allow him to bridge the gap between ideation and execution. He leads project teams as they translate concepts to meaningful experiential designs for PDR, as well as our Fortune 100 and 500 clients.


Jason AjuhaAssociate
Architecture + Design

As an experienced Designer, Jason employs innovative architectural solutions. He combines research with clients’ visions to execute functional workplace design concepts. Jason delivers this comprehensive approach on projects for notable companies, and finalizes designs for space planning, finishes, furniture and lighting.

Winda Carroll, PHR, Associate
Human Resources

Winda balances PDR’s Human Resources many efforts, including the implementation of professional development opportunities and the coordination of recruitment efforts, internship programs, benefits administration, and employee relations. Her personal passion for philanthropy and wellness have fueled the growth of multiple internal programs and external community development initiatives.

Todd CubbageAssociate
Business Transition

With nearly 17 years of experience, Todd works with leading organizations to understand their goals, how they intend to use a space, and systematically develops a plan that brings all the right elements together. His expertise in strategic planning and migration planning helps to structure client workplaces.

Michelle GoldbergAssociate
Architecture + Design

Michelle is actively involved in multiple phases of project development – from early strategic planning and furniture micro programming efforts to construction documentation and implementation. She engages closely with PDR’s clients to create functional, high performance workspaces that enable success for their employees and business.

Caryn GuajardoAssociate
Architecture + Design

Caryn has experience in architectural design, project documentation, strategic planning, research, programming, and workplace strategy. Her versatile talents allow her to contribute to all aspects of a project, making her both a valuable team member and in-demand consultant to our internationally recognized clients. Caryn effectively addresses the current resources and future needs to redefine the workplace as a business tool that meets business initiatives.

Jason HolmesAssociate
Information Technology

Jason applies IT solutions to meet business needs, aligning technology with a company’s strategic vision. He focuses on the user experience and information management systems that impact all business users. Jason’s database management and data integration skills help PDR to support business strategies and processes to achieve company-wide objectives.

Nicholas JacksonAssociate
Architecture + Design

Nick’s diverse architectural background allows him to contribute to variety of project types and scales — from small architectural remodels to large-scale master plans involving over one million square feet. With his ability to design at both macro and micro scales, he develops holistic solutions that meet the architectural demands on projects of any given size. 

Meera Kachhla, AIA, Associate
Architecture + Design

Meera’s solutions-oriented approach is instrumental in challenging design situations. She is able to think analytically and intuitively about a client’s values, practices, and culture to develop high-level concepts and translate them into design elements. Her primary focus is to ensure the client’s vision is carried through from inception to construction.

Selina Khorana Associate
Workplace Performance

Selina’s business background enables her to work with senior business leaders at Fortune 10 companies to understand the forces shaping their organizations. She helps companies to build metric-driven design solutions that reflect their identity and brand, promote creativity and cross-functional collaboration, and enable future growth.


Kimberly Mercer, AIA, Associate
Architecture + Design

Kimberly is an architect with experience in campus master plans, new construction, adaptive reuse and historic preservation. As a Project Manager and Project Architect she brings an organized approach to programming and planning, with a deep understanding of the elements necessary to produce a thorough set of construction documents for every project.


Alexis RayAssociate
Business Transition

As part PDR’s Strategic Planning and Migration Planning teams, Alexis develops both the strategy and the details for the relocation of client employees. The scale of her work varies from moving a few dozen individuals to orchestrating the move of 10,000 employees for a Fortune 10 oil and gas company campus. Alexis’ organization skills serve her well as she efficiently and effectively executes shifts in corporate environments.

Gina Valenzuela, RA, Associate
Architecture + Design


With 17 years of experience in creative fields, Gina has spent the last 10 years dedicated to architecture, fulfilling the roles of Designer and Project Manager. Her attention to detail, leadership skills, and ability to maintain great relationships with her clients and projects teams all contribute to her success. Gina develops design solutions that maximize workplace functionality to provide the best workplace environment for employees.

Meagan WyattAssociate
Business Transition

As a change management and communications professional, Meagan develops plans utilizing information gathered through assessments, workshops, information sessions, and focus groups. She helps educate the employees about new workplace designs to reduce resistance to workplace change. Meagan’s commitment to a company’s growth and business objectives enable her to execute strategies that sustain business continuity, improve space utilization, and elevate employee morale.