PDR Takes Part in Largest Volunteering Effort for Vita-Living

Community engagement and philanthropy are an important part of PDR’s culture. We recently closed office doors for our largest volunteering effort to date, reserving a company-wide day for teambuilding and giving back. Volunteers were able to share their time, skills, and spirits by dedicating a full day to home improvement projects for Vita- Living, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides homes and lifelong support programs for people with chronic conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and other intellectual disabilities.

“The opportunity for PDR to support the valuable work of Vita-Living provided a dual benefit for us,” said Lauri Goodman Lampson, PDR Principal + President. “We believe in Vita-Living’s mission of serving the disabled and are pleased that we were a part of their home improvement program. The day was also an occasion for teams from different practices throughout the firm to work together and get to know each other better.”

PDR connected with the Vita-Living months before the service day to assess and evaluate the potential repair needs of each home. Volunteers were then divided into 16 collaborative teams to develop a framework for each of the home’s various projects. PDR’s forefront involvement allowed volunteers to work hand-in-hand with Vita-Living to establish strategic direction for the multiple home improvement assignments.

On day of the event, we rolled up their sleeves to paint, clean, upcycle and assist with small repairs and landscape projects for 16 of the organization’s 30 to 40 year old homes. The home improvements were a success and impacted about 70 residents. Thanks to the Houston Community ToolBank, the volunteers had the necessary equipment to diligently execute all of the planned projects.

Jillian Day, Vita-Living’s Director of Development, stated, “My favorite reaction was a client I saw today who said, ‘I don’t recognize my backyard. It’s beautiful!’ Day continued, “PDR is a company of engaged, proactive employees who value precision, dependability and customer service. This is not only evident in [their] approach to business, but [their] outlook on providing in the communities where [they] work.”

PDR is honored to have worked with such a meaningful organization. As we continue to expand our philanthropic efforts in Houston, we look forward to a continuous relationship and future volunteering opportunities with Vita-Living. 

“We’re so appreciative that PDR selected Vita-Living, Inc. This kind of support is very valuable to us and the homes where our clients have lived for many years. We’ve been impressed with their team and their approach to this company event. To date, this [is] the largest volunteer experience to benefit Vita-Living, Inc.,” commented Joseph Cooper, CEO of Vita-Living, Inc.