It's all about the coffee


PDR designed the ExxonMobil Campus work environment to promote collaboration and accelerate innovation. At the heart of this design are Hubs, town center inspired multifunctional activity spaces that combine coffee, refreshment, open collaboration, and service spaces in a strategic location to create a magnetic energy.  Distributed vertically on alternating floors, Hubs are destinations. This intentional spacing promotes vertical movement and leads to productive collisions and interactions during each visit. Each Hub serves up to 400 employees and is never more than one floor away.

Floors are linked by a multi-story atrium and a communicating stair. The Hubs are integrated within this primary circulation path to maximize spontaneous collaboration opportunities. Hubs are centrally located near elevators and bridge connections to encourage movement throughout the building.

While coffee is the most immediate and universal attraction to the space, a thoughtful and strategic combination of other features creates and sustains the experience. A variety of seating options encourages employees to use the Hub as an extension of their personal workspace. Partially enclosed booths with seating for up to four people create microenvironments within the larger gathering space. These booths, along with café and lounge seating, have access to presentation technology and AV equipment to support real-time collaboration and impromptu meetings.

Each Hub reflects the overall color theme of the campus and incorporates the dominant color that is specific to its respective quad (one of four distinct clusters of buildings). As an additional layer to this color story, a row of bar height chairs is purposefully accented with one chair in another quad’s dominant color. This coordinated disruption serves as a conversation starter. The unique composition of materials found within in each Hub creates diversity at the floor level.  This individuality is an important factor in creating an environment where employees feel valued and more than just a number, independent of scale.   

The meaningful use of furniture contributes to the authenticity of each distinct Hub experience. Within the workplace the majority of furniture, while differing in color and fabric, is fairly standardized with one notable exception. Each Hub is home to a wildly unconventional chair not found anywhere else on the campus. These unique chairs are a purposeful design element that further supports the goal of getting individuals to explore different floors, buildings, and quads, increasing opportunities for collegiality and collaboration across the organization.

More coffeehouse than coffee bar, the Hub’s collaborative spaces and centralized location draw people together and keep them there, spurring innovation and strengthening community spirit.  It is the center of activity by default and design.