PDR Celebrates Joanne Taylor’s Career Accomplishments and New Role


Joanne Taylor, who served as president of PDR for 20 years, is transitioning from her role as a managing partner to that of consultant. Taylor joined PDR in 1978 and during her 35-year tenure she helped build the practice into one of the leading workplace strategy and design firms in the country. Through her pioneering work — from planning and project organization strategies to the development of new workplace standards — she has helped to lead dozens of successful corporations through pivotal changes as they merged, expanded or relocated.

“Joanne Taylor’s contributions to our firm and to her clients are immeasurable,” noted Lauri Goodman Lampson, PDR president. “Her leadership, concern and understanding of the importance of company culture, serve as model for all of us. In addition to her skills as a consultant, designer and manager, Joanne is wonderful mentor and has been central to the development of our PDR culture.”

To assure that the next generation of employees at the company benefit from Taylor’s wisdom and experience she has a new role: communicating PDR’s values and culture as part of an informal professional development program for the firm’s young managers.   “We benefit from having a remarkable set of shared values that is important to nurture,” Taylor said. “It’s personally rewarding for me to continue as part of the future of the firm that has been my business home for so long.”