PDR Wins Best in Category at 2013 AIA Houston Sandcastle Competition


On June 1st and 2nd, PDR took a break in Galveston to enjoy a weekend of fun in the sun – with a twist. During the 2013 AIA Houston Sandcastle Competition, a team of about 30 PDR employees, family and friends, competed against over 60 other architectural companies to build unique and massive structures of just water and sand. The Houston chapter of the American Institute of Architects has been bringing together various designers and architects to compete in one of the world’s largest sandcastle competition since 1986. PDR’s team consisted of employees Peter Fisher, Alicia Mendez, Anna Cho, Julio Rodriguez, Ned Doddington, Todd Cubbage, Jason Ahuja, Jenny Segsworth, Amy Collins, Laura Feist Malek, Matt Crnkovich, Stewart Williams, Malini Fuangvuthi, with help from Brochsteins

The goal was to ultimately create a design that was clever and crafty, yet also promoted the company in some way. Peter Fisher, PDR Principal who spearheaded the task says, “Above all else we want this event to be a way for us to bring our families and friends together to create something. That’s most important to us as a team.” After weeks of sketches, drawings, and measuring the team came up with the idea of “Whac-A-Gull,” a beach-inspired spin on the classic arcade game “Whac-A-Mole.

 When the time came to implement the design, PDR was more than ready. “We loved watching the audience mentally piece our exhibit together. As constant problem-solvers and thinkers here at PDR, seeing their A-ha! moment as they finally understood the connection between ‘PDR-cade’ and the seagulls was so fun to witness!” says Fisher. Although PDR did not receive the Golden Bucket award, they proudly walked away with a Best in Category award. The achievement was exciting for the team, and they all agree that combining the competition with a fun social event for them and their families created a memorable experience for all involved.