PDR Hosts an Extraordinary Weekend

digital wall18.jpg

Nearly 100 PDR workplace designers and support staff left their homes and traveled to Austin for two nights creating an Employee Retreat and Teambuilding Weekend combination with the firm’s annual Holiday Celebration.  Like most PDR gatherings, this was no ordinary weekend.

Teams of ten employees, in addition to their respective spouses and families, were asked to choose from a predetermined set of walking tours of Austin.  Led by a principal of the firm, each group of about twenty used the tour to get an introduction to a unique side of the city, enjoy lunch together and work as a team to take photos of their experiences – the more creative the better – for display during the weekend.  To add to the fun, each team took photos with Flat Jerry (in honor of—and unbeknownst to—PDR Principal Jerry Griffin whose ten-year anniversary with the firm was part of a Saturday night holiday celebration), a takeoff of the Flat Stanley children’s book series.