Natures Intersection with Engineering

Imperial Oil Limited’s (IOL) decision to consolidate and move their multiple offices to an integrated campus in southeast Calgary presented PDR with the opportunity to employ workplace and interior design expertise.

As the Program Architect, PDR collaboratively worked with IOL at the forefront of the project to define the qualitative and quantitative requirements for their new headquarters. The strategic design focuses on balancing eight key attributes of workplace performance: collaboration, efficiency, safety, security, mobility, modularity, sustainability and pride.

The company’s new campus is planned to heighten the work/life balance of its 3,000 employees with a wellness facility, dining café and convenient underground parking area. A centralized conference center will support large meetings and gatherings, and low-rise, technology-equipped office buildings will cater to the tailored needs of business groups. 

As the Workplace Design Architect, PDR is collaborating with a team of architects, engineers and construction advisors to create a new high-performance work environment from the InsideOut, starting with the company’s foundation – their people, vision and culture.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

860,000 SF

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