Peter Fisher


27 Years at PDR

“We’re seeing a renewed interest in building lobbies as end users are looking for a more engaging work experience."

Peter Fisher is a principal at PDR and takes an inside-out approach to architecture. His recent focus has been on repositioning lobby spaces, which often influence a visitor’s first impression upon entering a building.

There’s been a shift from lobbies being less of an architectural statement or just a means for circulation through the building, to being seen as an underutilized, large piece of real estate that can be taken advantage of and provide amenities for end users.”

Peter prides himself in solving problems and building trusted relationships with his clients. Each project brings different challenges, so his first priority is to sit down with his client, find out what their objectives and business challenges are, and discuss how to tackle those challenges. He believes success is the most important element of design, and his design inspiration comes from this process.

“I love design, I love creating things and I love building. There’s lots of enjoyment in seeing the final product, but I get the most enjoyment from working as a trusted advisor to my clients. Truly working on solving their business challenges through design and knowing that we are going to impact people’s lives is really where I get my satisfaction from.”

Peter also focuses on the need for people to be connected at all times, and offering a variety of work environments, ranging from private work spaces to places where people can network and socialize. In addition to creating new spaces, he often helps clients reposition an existing space, which allows them to keep existing tenants happy and attract new tenants.

“Newer buildings in Houston can put pressure on some of our older buildings. We often help building owners make adjustments to their lobby spaces and bring in new amenities to help them keep up with tenant demands.”

Change can be challenging for clients. Once discovering a solution, Peter uses data and provides perspective to help clients make informed decisions to meet their objectives. That includes advising them on what to invest in and how the space should evolve and change over time.

“At PDR, we truly approach architecture from the inside out. We look at the needs of the end user and always discuss the business challenge before talking about what the design is going to look like. Architecture to us is how you experience the space, the utilization of it, and solving the challenge you have in your business.”

For more than 27 years, Peter has worked with global real estate groups on projects for clients like ExxonMobil, Hines, JLL, Skanska, Weatherford International and USAA. He is now overseeing developments in Austin and San Antonio. His experience includes a knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the Middle East, spending three years managing the design and contract administration for a new office tower in Doha, Qatar.

Peter is a native Houstonian and a Registered Architect in the State of Texas. He earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design and Masters of Architecture from Texas A&M University. He also studied in Italy in the Italart Study Abroad Program.