Kelly Baughman


21 Years at PDR

"Years ago, we started realizing that this was an important component of workplace design, as offices started becoming less about individual office space, and more about the experience and work environment."

Kelly Baughman is a principal at PDR and leads its business transition practice, which includes workplace strategy, change management, portfolio planning and migration planning.

A focus of hers is creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize employee adoption and usage and minimize resistance. She concentrates on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures.

“Typically when we meet with our clients, we’re trying to figure out what kinds of behaviors they want to catalyze differently in the workplace. We work with them to define what those characteristics and behaviors are and match them to the organization’s values, purpose, mission and vision.”

Once they’ve established those behaviors and how to change them, Kelly works to help reduce the anxiety and disruption around the change by getting people comfortable with it before the change happens, and minimizing any productivity dip or business risk during a period of high uncertainty.

“At PDR, change management is not simply just telling people what’s going to happen. It’s about engaging people in the process so they can see themselves in the change, in the space, and in the new future, vision, and purpose of the organization.”

Kelly also focuses on the present need for collaboration and innovation in the workplace. Employers are looking for people to behave differently and interact with each other, so she often figures out how to create both intentional and unintentional collisions between people within a space, which requires them to work in a different way.

“When people explore outside of their own business group, it can lead to good ideas. They need to know what others are working on and understand their part in it in order to improve upon it. This has really changed the way people work and organize themselves within the workplace, which impacts the design.”

Change management and design often go hand in hand, as design can help enable and allow organizations to change. When a project involves building new space, she makes sure any fixed architecture is built in a way that allows organizations to transform throughout the course of their lifespan.

Kelly has worked on several business mergers, including ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and BP Amoco. Her experience includes detailed moves, consulting, workplace performance and strategy, real estate and portfolio planning, and communication strategy.

“At PDR, we believe that thoughtful place-making connects people and inspires organizations to thrive. That’s our purpose.”

Kelly is a native Houstonian and graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. She is an associate member of the International Facilities Management Association and a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals. She is certified in Prosci’s Change Management methodology and Train-the-Trainer Program. Prosci is the world leader in benchmarking research and change management products