Jackie Wheat


18 Years at PDR

“Empathy is one of the most important things we need to consider as designers."


Jackie Wheat is a Principal and Director of Design at PDR. Through conceptual design and design development, she focuses on creating a compelling experience while supporting the client’s vision and purpose for an organization.

Jackie measures work productivity and identifies business imperatives to lay the foundation for Responsible Design. She uses design to align the place attributes with the enterprise initiatives. Each project begins with the question “Why?” to strategically find the best solution for clients.

During the design process, Jackie also encourages clients to think of design as not only colors and textures, but as a powerful vehicle, a catalyst for change, and a way to attract and retain top employees. The design strategy must manifest into the physical environment to make a project successful. To expose clients to design possibilities, Jackie will take clients to visit divergent and transformational projects.

“You don’t want to be stuck in your own ways, it’s important to propose the what-ifs and really propel clients to think about the future of their organization and what may change about the future of work. We try to put experiences in front of clients to help make comfortable decisions.”

In addition to taking clients to project sites, Jackie uses 3D technology to demonstrate the new space and how it might change work. Since there’s a high rate of change in technology and design trends today, Jackie ensures each space looks timeless and distinct.

“All of our projects look very, very different. There’s no PDR brand when it comes to our design. It’s all high-quality design. It’s very thoughtful and purposeful, but it has to support the client’s vision. I think this is what makes PDR so different.”

Jackie believes that design greatly shapes and changes the human experience. It also plays a huge role in her clients’ daily lives. As a designer, Jackie is responsible for influencing thousands of employees, which makes her job incredibly powerful and rewarding.