Engineering Fluid Flexibility

EMAS CHIYODA Subsea is a joint venture between Ezra Holdings Limited and the Chiyoda Corporation, which executes the most challenging offshore projects anywhere in the world.  Their new workspace needed to reflect the company’s identity, so PDR conducted a programming exercise to gather information about their identity and approach to work. The resulting design takes each of these important elements into account. The lobby makes a statement about the EMAS brand with a custom designed ceiling and wall element depicting the topography of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The design supports EMAS’ work process which relies on project teams to respond to flexible project phases and durations.  Some can last for a few months, while other projects go on for a few years. To address this work style, the workplace design allows for maximum flexibility while encouraging interactions between employees. A community spine through the core of the workplace creates a sense of oneness that supports and unifies the various diverse groups that make up EMAS. The environment nurtures the diverse energy of the employees in order for them to discover, innovate, and explore creative solutions. 

The overall design aesthetic plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the company’s brand identity, establishing the EMAS work culture and attracting and retaining the best talent.

Houston, Texas

94,000 SF


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