Case for Change

Real Estate & Human Resources leaders are often tasked with creating a positive work experience for employees. Communicating strategies to C-Suite executives can be challenging, especially when you are communicating out of the ordinary ideas.

PDR helps leaders develop a case for change by aligning your organization’s strategic objectives with your workplace strategy and developing a compelling story to present to your senior leadership team.

We will come along this journey with you to ensure you have a solid and persuasive business case and performed the due diligence to increase confidence of receiving leadership endorsement. Throughout our journey, we will

+ Gather relevant data to understand your organization’s strategic objectives

+ Identify supporting metrics for your strategy

+ Create the case for change outlining topics important to senior leadership

+ Facilitate one-on-one meetings with senior leadership to introduce case for change and respond to questions or concerns

+ Support facilitation of a senior leadership meeting to present case for change and request endorsement

We have helped Real Estate and Human Resource leaders from Fortune 500 companies, like Chevron, gain senior leadership endorsement to drive positive change within their workplace.

Don’t allow your organization to get stuck in the status quo.

Contact us today at so we can walk alongside you in gaining the endorsement you need to move your organization forward faster.