Amy Collins  Associate Principal


Gaining trust from your client is a wonderful feeling and witnessing their happiness at the completion of the project is even better.” 

As a Project Manager and Project Design Lead with 18 years of specialized corporate design experience, Amy has worked across the nation with leading clients in a broad range of industry sectors, including legal, consulting, high-tech and oil and gas. Approaching design from a holistic viewpoint, Amy understands the formula of what makes a project successful. She fully comprehends that design does not only involve the ability to create creative and beautiful spaces, but encompasses the ability to listen to clients to effectively fulfill their project needs and vision. 

Amy successfully develops relationships with her clients and guides and involves them through the life cycle of their project. She recognizes the importance of maintaining a comprehensive understanding of constructability and material performance as well as the capacity to lead a team in producing a fully coordinated set of documents. 

Amy graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and is a Registered Interior Designer. Amy is also a LEED Accredited Professional in Commercial Interiors and a part of the US Green Building Council.