Workplace Reinvented

PDR developed a strategic plan to reorganize and relocate Accenture’s DC Metro office from 170,000 square feet into 90,000 while supporting over 4,000 employees based in the DC Metro Area. The goal was to design an efficient and technologically advanced workplace where workers can feel connected. Implementing Accenture’s new Workplace 2.0 strategy, PDR developed an environment with a balanced ratio of diverse private and public work settings throughout to give employees the versatility to choose how and when they work. The multi-functional spaces foster collaboration and innovation, encourages opportunities for cross-functional interactions, and can accommodate the changes necessary to support Accenture’s fast-evolving industry. Within the various spaces, employees have access to integrated technology designed to support their mobile job functions. Through the reinvention of the workplace, Accenture is able to reduce real estate expenses and enhance productivity.

Washington, D.C. Metro

90,000 SF